That Christmas Week..

Now that we are through it, it’s a lot easier to look back at it and smile…

My week in pictures:

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For anyone who was already on the fitness hype before the Christmas period started and the typical New Years Resolutions started rolling in, you will understand the stress that started to build up at the beginning of December (I hope it wasn’t just me). Invitations to Christmas parties, meals and drinks began to flow in, and pressure started to mount…

Simply being in the same room as temptations is extremely difficult for me, especially at this time of year. My biggest weaknesses include, but definitely aren’t limited to:

  • Mince Pies
  • Mulled Wine/Baileys Hot Chocolate
  • Celebrations/Roses/Heroes etc

It makes it even more difficult when people say to me ‘come on, it’s Christmas! Treat yourself’. 

Now, I completely understand the fact that people relax a little at Christmas, and I fully intended to let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted on Christmas Day, but I didn’t want to stretch the ‘I do what I want’ mantra too far. Some people see the whole of December as a month off of worrying about what they consume and whether they exercise or not – but I just couldn’t do that. It would completely undo everything that I had worked so hard for since I got home from Ibiza.

So, Christmas week began with a nice 5k on Monday morning. I knew that the week ahead was going to be a struggle, so starting a strong week was really important to me.

Monday’s dinner was chicken and sweet potato wedges (with BBQ sauce of course).

It’s really difficult to write down every day’s food consumption like I normally do – because after Monday it pretty much all went a bit downhill. Matt came over to meet the family on Monday & Tuesday and we ended up baking cakes and Christmassy things ‘for the table’. Obviously baking things means tasting things and so it was extremely difficult to log everything.

The family were round on Tuesday night, so we had chilli with brown rice for dinner and made some burritos with wholemeal wraps. Yum!!

I made a white chocolate & Baileys cheesecake for dessert (see the photo at the beginning) – and it was AMAZING! I have never made a cheesecake before so I wanted to see if I could do it! And I can!!!

It was really simple (and non-bake): The base was made out of crushed hobnobs & melted butter, and the filling was made out of  cream cheese, double cream, icing sugar, white chocolate shavings and, of course, Baileys. Mum doesn’t like alcohol, but she seemed to finish off her slice rather quickly. She then hit me with the best constructive criticism I have ever heard…

“It’s nice – but it would be better if it was a different flavour”  – Thanks mum, really.

I had a lovely little revelation on Christmas Eve! I have had this suit in my wardrobe for ages and I have never worn the trousers because they’re a size 8 – and I have never been able to fit in ANY pair of size 8 trousers before. But I thought ‘what the hell’ and put them on – and they fit!!! That was an incredibly happy start to the day, so I went to work on Christmas Eve and had a pretty healthy day. Me and mum just finished off the chilli that night for dinner.


Obviously, Christmas Day was absolutely immense. I ate whatever I wanted (which was quite a bit) and didn’t worry at all! I chose to cook Christmas Dinner, as it was my first Christmas back at home, and everything turned out pretty well! I need to perfect my roast potatoes, but apart from that I was extremely happy!


Boxing Day – Now, I don’t know if anyone has this tradition, but my family always seems to have a ‘2nd Christmas Day’ on Boxing Day. That means yet another big meal. This year, we went round my sisters house and she made this amazing chicken filo pie with all of the trimmings. Safe to say I didn’t want to eat anything else after that. Everyone else had yule log for dessert, but I just couldn’t do it!! I drove over to Matt’s on Boxing Day evening (through the snow I might add!!) and we had our little Christmas, opening our pressies with a glass of prosecco – oh, and a Nandos 😉

Saturday – I really needed to make sure I stayed healthy, so after a lovely lay in, I had some yoghurt covered banana pieces to snack on when we popped into Birmingham. After that, I miraculously went for a run! The first time I have ran outside in FOREVER and I managed 8k (thats 5 bloody miles!!). I honestly think that it came from all of the carbs that I had eaten the past couple of days – but I felt amazing afterwards. Running so far on Saturday made me want to stay healthy for the rest of the day, so I had Mediterranean chicken with roasted baby tomatoes for dinner.


Today (Sunday) – I have stayed healthy today as well. During my car journey back home from Matt’s, I munched on some yoghurt covered peanuts. These ‘little’ bags of yoghurt covered goodies actually annoy me a little. The nutritional information on the front shows a nice little snack amount of around 100-150 calories. You end up munching away at the bag, and the next thing you know, you’ve eaten 700 calories! I’d much prefer it if they just packaged it in 25g or 50g bags. It would be so much easier. I felt bad after eating these, so instead of driving straight home I headed to the gym and ran 5k. I managed it in 31 minutes which isn’t too bad – and I have stayed healthy for the rest of the day, snacking on turkey and fruit. Yay me!!


Tomorrow starts a new week – I have my gym classes all booked in and I am raring to go! I’m need to make the most out of the gym before it gets filled up with Resolution-ites. I applaud people trying to start out in the New Year, I really do – but I applaud the people still going in July much much more.

Smash it peeps!!