That Christmas Build Up…

Let’s just not bother with this week (please?!)…

Oh…Christmas. It actually makes your feel horrendous sometimes doesn’t it? I’m writing this little bit on Tuesday night – so it’s only the 23rd of December – but I already feel horrible!

Okay, I might be over-reacting a little bit. I just feel bad because we pretty much spent the day making and baking Christmassy things, and so that means eating as we go. Not ideal.

I wanted to see whether I could make a cheesecake – so I made a cheesecake. Matt wanted to make some cakes to take to his parents for Christmas – so we made cakes. And of course mum has her Christmas ‘buffet’ so we needed to make stuff for that as well. This obviously meant we had to taste test it all along the way!

Matt had come down to meet my mum and the rest of my family – and so my sister and her hubby were round for dinner. We got to talking about her boot camp and eating well and all of that and we pretty much came to the same conclusion:


I do believe that to be totally true, and it does (of course) make a lot of sense…but it doesn’t stop me feeling like an absolutely whale afterwards. So, I do have a two step plan to try and keep myself a bit on track..

1) I am going to take the right days to not worry too much about what I eat/drink. Christmas Day – I can do what I want. It’s Christmas Day for christ’s sake!! If I want to have some bucks fizz for breakfast, then I will. If I want to eat a mince pie on the hour, every hour, then I will. Note: I won’t, but it’s a damn good idea. For the days in between, I am going to try and eat as healthily as possible. I know it’s going to be hard, I know there will be chocolates and sweets constantly on the coffee table – but I am going to try my best!

2) I am going to exercise when I can. It’s the most difficult time to be getting out and exercising, but I am going to make sure I do as much as I can. I have pre-booked some classes for when I’m at home, and when I go to Matt’s place, I’m going to take my running stuff. His new area looks good for a little jog around, so I am going to give it a go. To be fair – there is a gym fairly close as well – so if I don’t fancy running outside, then I could go there.

I haven’t had a ‘Skinny Christmas’ in 3 years – so if anyone has any hints or tips that they find useful at this time of year, then please do let me know!!


Merry Christmas!!