That Week Seven…

That’s the week before Christmas if it’s gone so quickly!!

I decided at the beginning of the week that I was going to try my hardest with my exercising. After realizing that running a couple of 5k’s a week wasn’t really burning the calories that I wanted to – I decided to absolutely smash it this week as much as I could. So I booked in all of my classes, pre-logged as much food as possible and made sure that I was prepared for the week to come!

IMG_20141220_180333 Here’s how my week in food went:

Sunday – I made a lovely Jamie Oliver carrot, parsnip & ginger soup. Perfectly healthy – no oils/cream or butter. Nice and simple. Mum enjoyed it too (but with two bread rolls – boo her!!)

Monday – I’m on 10-6’s at work this week, and all of my gym classes are booked at like 7pm, so I know I will be eating dinner late. I ate a spinach omelette for breakfast before I went to work, and then I just snacked on nuts and fruit while I was there. After the gym I came home and had a bowl of chilli – no rice as I was trying to keep the carbs down.

Omelette – 158 calories. Snacks – 340 calories. Dinner – 350 calories.

Tuesday – Same again for breakfast, and snacks (food rut going on here). Mum made a sausage casserole in the slow cooker for dinner, hard to figure out exactly what I ate, but I made an estimate.

Omelette – 158 calories. Snacks – 340 calories. Dinner – 600 calories.

Wednesday – I didn’t eat breakfast because I had an early gym session, but I snacked on nuts and fruit during the day. For dinner we had prepare a slow cooked sausage casserole/stew type thing. I had actually wanted chicken but mum made it before I woke up so I had no choice really!! I then had a couple of rice cakes with my evening cuppa.

Snacks – 340 calories. Dinner – 600 calories. Evening snacks – 175 calories. 

Thursday – Because I magically stopped logging my food (why?! – who bloody knows) I can’t even remember what I ate during the day on Thursday. I went to the gym in the morning, so that must have meant that I didn’t have breakfast. So probably the same kind of snacks during the day as I had for the rest of the week. Then I went over to Matts house and we cooked Skinny Kitchen pizza’s for dinner. Yum!! I had also bought some mince pies with me because we’d agreed that we would have our first one together, so a cuppa and one of those finished off the day nicely.

Friday was moving day. Well, moving day for Matt. So up bright and early, packing up his old house and then moving it all to his new one! Down one flight of stairs and then up two at the other end. It’s safe to say that I didn’t need the gym that day! It’s Sunday evening at the time of writing this and my legs still hurt. Unfortunately, because we just carried on moving all day, we didn’t really stop to eat. So it was a mixture of coffee and these lovely dark chocolate & pistachio bites that Matt’s mum made and brought with her. Oh, and a mince pie…

We got into bed at 02:37 that day – knackered wasn’t the word. 

On Saturday, Matt went to work so I made a start on unpacking and cleaning his new place. The day started badly – there were mince pies left, so I had them with a cup of coffee for breakfast. Not ideal.

My problem with food can be explained quite easily – if I have a little taste of something, I then generally want to inhale the rest of it (and more)….whether it be a little mince pie, or a whole packet of biscuits.

And then because it was pretty much a ‘eat what you find‘ kind of day – I ended up eating a simple cheese wrap for lunch. Once Matt finished work we made spag bol for dinner, and as an extra surprise Matt brought home these AMAZING mince pies from Patisserie Valerie and we had those with a well deserved beer on the sofa after a lonnnng couple of days. Naturally, I felt terrible after it all, but as everyone keeps saying, I need to relax every now and then and treat myself.

Side (but very important) note: I hate when people say I need to ‘treat’ myself. Food is not an award or a reward or whatever. It’s just something that is there to fuel my body. I’m trying to fuel mine with good things, healthy things, things that are going to improve me. Filling myself with bad carbs and sugar isn’t going to do that. So please, pleaaaase stop telling me to ‘treat’ myself. *angry face*

Sunday – I drove back from Matts and went into work for a couple of appointments. I had made some red velvet cupcakes on Saturday evening for me and Matt to take into our work places – bad move –  as one of those turned into breakfast. I then felt horrendously bad about it all and didn’t eat anything else until dinner, which was a Skinny Pizza.

Sitting here, writing this, I feel absolutely horrendous for my eating habits this weekend. But now there is nothing I can do about it but look forward. I haven’t had my scales all weekend so I’ll see what the damage is (so far) tomorrow morning. That is definitely something that I am not looking forward to.

My week in exercise went a bit like this:

Monday – I got to the gym early so I ran 2k, and then I did an hour Body Combat class.

Tuesday – Once again, I got to the gym early so I ran 2k then did a 45 minute Body Combat class.

Wednesday – I did an early morning Combat class – so it was only half an hour.

Thursday – I went to the gym and ran 5k this morning as there was no class on that I wanted to go to.

Those 4 days add up to just over 1500 calories burned. Which is still depressing to me. I need to figure out a way of upping those cals burned without actually killing myself through tiredness. Maybe I need to get back into my double gym sessions – maybe I just need to keep going slow and steady – I really don’t know…but everything goes round and round in my head until I figure out an answer.

The rest of the week was filled with house moving stuff over the weekend, and I am sure a good few calories were burned there.

With Christmas week coming, I am just full of fear that I am going to undo everything that I have achieved so far, and I think that it really has been an amazing achievement. So my plan is to work-out when I can, and be as careful as I can with food. Hopefully, with the help of everyone around me, I won’t go too overboard. Mince Pies are my downfall though… a true addiction.

Merry Christmas folks… have a good one!!