That Week Six…


I can’t believe that I’ve finished 6 weeks of this lark! Amazing. I’ll tell the truth – I haven’t been perfect! I’ve had a bit of chocolate here and there, & white bread once or twice – but the main thing is, I haven’t been unhappy. Starving myself of absolutely everything that I enjoy would make this journey (and me) unbearable. It’s good to know that I can have a little bit of something every now and then and not have to worry too much about it. Obviously in the back of my mind I’m going a little bit crazy wondering what bad effect this meal is going to have on me – but I get over it as quickly as I start worrying about it.

I’ve had a pretty standard week – but I have had some hurdles to overcome. Here’s my week in pictures:

20141212_135842 20141212_135855  20141213_093457 20141213_102310 20141213_124957  20141213_165414 20141213_171827 20141214_121337 20141210_172426

As you can see – it’s not been the easiest week. There have been Christmas parties & weddings at work, and plenty of temptation along the way (which I mostly managed to say no to!!). My week went a little bit like this:

Sunday – I spent the day at Matt’s while he was at work, and then I made us Chicken Pitta’s for dinner. Nice and easy – wholemeal pitta breads, chicken and salad. We had sweet potato wedges as well. Yum!

Monday – On Monday I went to catch up with my friend, and we decided to meet in Costa Coffee. The amount of cakes, biscuits, mince pies and general yumminess that stared me in the face as I was queuing was unbearable, but I opted for a green tea and fruit and nuts. Another mini triump for me!! When I got home, I had pesto chicken & chorizo skewers with sweet potato wedges. I was starving so while they were cooking I had a couple of Quorn Chicken Strips – a nice little addition 🙂 This was a 750 calorie meal. Higher is calories because of the fat in pesto & chorizo – something I will be cutting out from now on.

Tuesday – I remember driving home on Tuesday and thinking ‘I fancy egg fried rice’ – so I made egg fried rice. I made it with brown rice (soooo much healthier) and cooked up some chicken to have with it. We also had roasted carrots and parsnips along with peas. This was a 620 calorie meal.

Wednesday –  I was super good and had an plain omelette with a salmon fillet, peas and spinach. Hello popeye!! I was starving while it was cooking again so had a couple of Quorn Chicken Strips while I waited (bad habit – need to get myself out of it!!). All of this together was 630 calories.

Thursday – Our good friend opened his own restaurant this week, and so we went to show our support. Of course, like any good restaurant opening, there were plenty of drinks flowing and canapes floating. I avoided the drinks – yay me! – but I wanted to have a little try of the local produce that they were going to serve up in the restaurant. Suffolk pork and blue cheese wellingtons, salted caramel pannacotta and home-reared beef burgers. They were delightful, though I did make sure that I didn’t have more than one of anything.

20141211_204323 20141211_203711

After the opening – we went to Nando’s for dinner. I had butterfly chicken with sweetcorn and their amazing macho peas! Mmmmmmm. That nice little meal is 579 calories.

Friday – I’m having a bit of a chicken-y week. I had chicken with sweet potato wedges, spinach & peas. Yum!

Saturday – My sister works at Center Parcs in Elveden Forest, so she got some day passes signed for us and we went up for a Christmassy day out! Her little one was booked in to meet Father Christmas, so we did that, then we went swimming, had dinner and went to the Children’s mini-disco. I took this as a little treat day because I knew that we were going to be eating in Hucks (the American Diner) and I didn’t want to stress out over everything all day. My sister had that amazing Christmas Cosmopolitan and her husband ate that Brie & Bacon Burger. Food envy to the max! I did have a burger too, but not quite on that scale!! We also had a coffee break before swimming, and I had the first (and last) gingerbread latte of the season. I’ve been so good not to have those since they were released, because they are my absolute favourite, but I’ve done pretty well – so I thought I would let myself have one.

I look back on my week of food sometimes and think that it looks bad. This last week I feel as if I have let myself down a bit, but I don’t know if I am being particularly hard on myself.

Obviously a week of trying to eat healthily comes with a week of exercise – here’s what went down:

Tuesday – This was the day where I tried That New Class.. – but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Have a read about it..!

Wednesday – I did an early morning Body Combat class. 7am was an interesting experience!

Thursday – I decided to stick to the early morning regime and did 5k before work.

Friday – AND AGAIN… another 5k before work. Go me!!

So, in total, I have burned around 1,250 calories through exercise. I’ve only just realised how bloody low that is!! Rubbish!! I’ve never really looked at my weekly calorie burnage. No wonder my weight loss is slow!! You need to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1lb – and I didn’t even burn half of that. I need to seriously up my game. I’m going to start looking at this and keeping an eye on it so that I can absolutely smash it out of the water!! I feel really bad about that number – I need to sort it out.

On the bright side though, have a look at this:



That’s a cheeky little measurement under 10st. That’s what I like to see!!! I know that my weight is going down slowly – and I actually know that I should be ditching the scales and concentrating on measurements, but my OCD brain makes me weigh myself almost every day, and worry about that 0.2lb. It’s a horrendous vicious circle.

All in all, I’ve had a pretty good week. But me and Matt were talking earlier, and we have come to the realisation that tomorrow is the beginning of the week before Christmas – so it reaaaalllly needs to be a good week. I’m working the later shifts at work, and have my gym classes booked in for the evenings – and so I am going to try to have quality, low-carb meals all week. Omelettes for breakfast before work and Quorn Chilli for dinners, with plenty of fruit and some nutty snacks throughout the day.

I’ve got 3 Body Combat classes booked – I am going to SMASH this week!!!

See you on the other side!