That Alcohol…

Today is day 34!!

34 days with not a drop of alcohol – go me!!

Last time I did this fitness thing, I wasn’t really that bothered about giving up alcohol – I wasn’t a big drinker and I wouldn’t want to sit and have a few beers at night or a glass of wine with dinner, or even that bothered with going out just for drinks with friends. Fast forward two years and four seasons of working abroad, and I now think a lot differently. It’s really quite hard giving up alcohol when you’ve learnt to sit and chill with a beer in hand, or go out for dinner and share a bottle of wine (with myself..!). But I’ve managed to do it…and I’ve had an amazing amount of support from Matt when being round his, or being at the Christmas Market in Birmingham with two pint tankards staring us in the face. Not that he’s stopped drinking….oh, no! We wanted those tankards and they only came with beer in so he had to take one (or two) for the team!! He wasn’t exactly complaining though, so it’s good.

I’ve planned to cut out drinking for definite until Christmas day – and I don’t even know if I will then. Depends if anyone else in the family wants to have a drink (my mum doesn’t drink so it’s just my sister and brother in law left). I don’t see the point in just having a drink on my own… so we’ll see when it comes along.

Cutting alcohol until Christmas will take me up to 48 days without it! That’s amazing!! And I know that it has done my body a hell of a lot of good. I’m not going to worry too much about alcohol consumption over Christmas and New Year, but as always, it will probably still play on my mind the whole time.

If there’s ever a way to jump start weight loss – cutting out alcohol is the one!!