That NEW Gym Class….

I decided to ‘step out of my comfort zone’ tonight and attempt a different fitness class.

It appealed to me for a few reasons;
1. It was called ‘Express Fitness’
2. It only lasted half an hour
3. It was conveniently timed to fit in after my day at work.

3 for 3, so I booked in over the weekend to guarantee me a place. You never know with Newmarket gym..sometimes you can rock up and get into a class, sometimes you have to think about booking it before you’ve even been to that same class the previous week!

I was looking forward to it! I obviously had my preconceptions on what it would entail – I thought that as it was only half an hour, that it would have some interval or high intensity training involved, and as I have done that kind of thing before, I thought that it might be a bit of a challenge for me! Rock on!!
So, I actually finish work 45 minutes before the class, and by the time I had got to the gym and got changed, I still had half an hour to go until it began, so I thought I’d go for a little run. Just a slow and steady run until I hit 2k..which took about 13 minutes in the end. I dilly dallied about for the rest of the time and then went into the studio once I saw the instructor there.

I saw that he had set up a step, a mat and a bar – so I went to do the same. I thought then that it might turn out to be a bit like Les Mills Body Pump – sweet! As I was getting my bar, the instructor asked me whether I had done the class before (to which I replied no) and then he explained to me that we would be doing shoulder presses, bicep curls & rows with the bar, and I should choose a weight that I would be comfortable with. I thought to myself ‘well, I don’t know how hard this will be, so i’ll start with 5kg on each side’ but as I reached out for the weights, the instructor actually said to me.. ‘you might want to go a little easier…’

Ermmmm NO!!!!

I calmly explained to Mr Instructor man that I was more than capable and cracked on loading my weights. I was almost tempted to match his bar with 10’s on each side…but I wasn’t convinced I’d actually be able to complete the class with any kind of conviction…so I decided against that one.

The class itself was meant to be a Tabata/HIIT/Interval training kind of set up…30 seconds working, 10 seconds rest and so on until the class is over… but unfortunately it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Well, I made it work for me.. but I could easily see why the class only had THREE people in it. The instructor was not motivating at all, the music sucked and the directions were mixed up. I don’t know whether the instructor was new himself, or whether he had never done that class before… but the only way that I actually did any work in that class was by using my own self motivation and belief. Anyone who lacks that would have struggled *cough*the girl in front of me*cough*.

I don’t think I’ll go again… For once, I think I would have actually got more done on my own in the gym.

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