That Week Five…

Wow…another week down already?! These weeks just seem to be flying by! Another 7 days down, another 7 days closer to the goal.

My week in pictures:

20141207_105111 20141204_124259 20141206_161536 20141204_193121 20141201_184148 20141206_160011


It has been SUCH a good week. I’m getting to grips with most things at work – asking less questions and being able to do more things on my own. Getting up to speed with the conference side of things (as I haven’t done that before) and hopefully helping out the team rather than hindering!! And I didn’t fit into those trousers two weeks ago… go me!!

I’ve done plenty of exercise this week, and it feels so good! I’m finally getting back into it properly, actually wanting to go to the gym. I even did a 7am class on Wednesday!! That’s the first one in a few years!

This is what my week of work-outs looked like:

Monday – Body Combat

Tuesday – 5k run

Wednesday – Body Combat

Thursday – Body Combat

Friday – well, I was supposed to go for a morning workout, but I put so much effort into my Body Combat class on Thursday that I actually pulled something in my shoulder. Oops……So, I didn’t actually work out on Friday. Bummer. But I’m not beating myself up about it – I worked out 4 times this week – that’s not a bad thing. Next time ey?!

Now for the food…Once again I created a nice little menu for the week. It means that I get to try different things, and mum gets a bit of healthy variety as well. I get my foodspiration from different fitness pages/twitters/facebooks etc and from my sisters nutrition plan that she gets with her bootcamp (read her story here…).

So this week consisted of:

Monday – Slow Cooked Chilli

Tuesday – Chicken Pitta with Sweet Potato Wedges

Wednesday – Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Thursday – Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad

All of these meals are perfectly healthy, and extremely yummy! Healthy food doesn’t have to be plain and boring – so make some effort when cooking and it will be even easier to stick to the regime. But I did have a few obstacles on the way:

IMG-20141207-WA0004 IMG_20141207_105814 IMG_20141206_211547 IMG_20141205_103859  IMG_20141203_190314 IMG_20141202_200231

^^ Mr Caterpillar Cake right there.. well, that was a struggle and a half. It was one of the managers’ birthday at work, and the girls in my office bought cakes. And it wasn’t just Mr Caterpillar – it was Bakewell slices, angel slices, mince pies & all the rest! And of course everyone congregates in the office with teas/coffees/biscuits/cakes and then looks at me eating my nuts or rice cakes, or nothing at all, and goes “how the hell do you do it Tiffani?”. 

Well, you lovely people, it’s normally a HELL of a lot easier that this!! Grrrrr

I’ll be honest though – the guys at work at being super supportive about it all. I did eat one of the white chocolate feet off of Mr Caterpillar which was left on my desk for me (yum), but I used all the willpower in the world to say no to some cake. *Self High-Five*

Random side note: I think the support from work has been good because I started this job after I had already started on this Fitness Journey. If I went in eating my weight in sugar & carbs and then tried to switch it all up, I don’t think the support would be nearly as strong.

This weekend, me and Matt hit Birmingham Christmas Market. We had already agreed that it was going to be a bit of a treat day, but naturally (or unnaturally, however you want to look at it) I was still a bit worried about it all. It’s a genuine fear of mine that I’m just gonna bugger everything up and be back to square one in an instant. It’s so easy to just say ‘f**k this’ and not go to the gym and eat what I want and drink what I want – but I also know how amazing it feels when I see a 9 rather than a 10 next to ‘stone’ on the scales (which happened on Friday morning by the way – EEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!) and I just don’t want to mess it up. It’s all or nothing for me, and it’s a real struggle. Let me give you an example:

On Saturday we went to the IMAX to see Interstellar before the market, and it was pretty easy to say no to the snacks before going in, but during the film I thought about having a mulled wine or a Baileys hot chocolate when we got out to the Christmas Market, and I had to talk myself out of it. And that didn’t just happen once, it must have been 4 times during the movie, and a couple more times when we were actually out in the market.

I made a promise to myself (and to you lot) that I was cutting out alcohol until Christmas – and I want to keep that promise, because I’d just feel like a failure other wise. To some of you, agonising over having that one drink might seem petty, and I actually agree with you – but that’s just what goes on in my head. It’s as much of a mental struggle as it is a physical one, and I think a lot of you going through the same can relate. So, I say this once again – if you have a friend or relative that is trying to stay healthy, particularly at this time of year, throw them all the support that you can. Because it’s bloody hard.

AAAANNNNNNYYYYWAY!! Not trying to be a debbie downer – I’m just trying to get out there and explain what might be going round in your “fitness freak” or “health obsessed” friends head. It’s not as black and white as it might seem.

“But what did you eat at the Christmas Market?” I hear you ask!! Well, I had a yummy ‘Reindeer’ Burger (don’t worry kids – Rudolf is safe) and this massive marshmallow kebab absolutely smothered in white chocolate. It. Was. Soooo. Good!! There were the obligatory pigs in blankets, nuts & german sausages (shared with/stolen from Matt) and we wandered aimlessly, laughed at panic shoppers & sang christmas songs (badly). Best day ever. 🙂

I’m so totally looking forward to the next 7 days… another week at work, lots of Christmas parties to finalise, good food and good exercise! And then next weekend I’m off to Centre Parcs with the family for the day. My sisters little one is booked in to see Father Christmas, and we are booked in to eat at Hucks American Diner. Lord held me!