That Body (Dec)…

It was measurement day today… and boy was I nervous.

Yeah, I’ve been feeling better about how I look, I feel like I might have got a bit fitter – but you don’t really know until you actually step on the scales or take those measurements. So it’s a pretty nerve-wracking experience. I look at my calendar and the reminder is there and it kind of haunts you for the week or so leading up to it.

But today was a good day!


So I’ve lost 4 inches from the key areas of my body. I’d say I’m pretty happy with that! I think that doing both weight and measurements are equally important, because if the weight loss slows down, you can bet that the measurements are still changing.

I weigh myself once a week. Well, I say once a week…I’m a bit of a scales whore. I may need to get someone to hide them from me because I am a stickler for weighing myself every single morning and then getting annoyed at a 0.2lb difference (petty, I know).

I do my measurements once a month because it takes longer for measurements to change significantly. As you can see, my biggest weight loss this month was from the ‘belly’. This is the biggest part of my stomach…that horrible little section which is always last to go. Grrrr. Well, at least I know that it’s changing already…good sign!!

And, I almost forgot…I took photos too!!



I do have to really look to see the differences, but there are differences to see!! Have a look at my hips – those bikini bottoms were digging in a little in November, and they aren’t so much in December. I should have maybe taken that measurement – that would have been a good one to see change! I like the progress I have made, and I can’t wait to see more changes next month!!

Now, on to December. The hardest month of the year. Bloody ‘Ell. Wish me luck!!

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    1. Hi CJ. My belly is the biggest part of my stomach..below the belly button and around the muffin top area.
      The waist measurement is the smallest part of my torso.. x


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