That Weigh In (Wk 3)…

So, because my week has been a bit all over the place, I ended up weighing myself on Wednesday morning… here are the results…

20141127_090540 20141127_090521 20141127_091027

It’s going down!! Yay!!!

Of course I’m happy that it’s gone down, but realistically at this point I wanted to be at the 10 stone mark. On the 3rd I will be exactly one month into this journey – and if any remembers the goals I set at the beginning, I want to lost 10lbs in 2 months. (See the full extent of my goals here).

I think that 10lbs in 2 months is a reasonable goal, and I know that I haven’t been perfect, so I now know that I need to buckle down and get it right! So I have a new plan going ahead:

  • My gym classes/sessions are going up (4 out of 7 days minimum).
  • I’m making simple changes to improve nutritionally. E.g. changing sweetener for natural sugar, protein porridge & cooking with coconut oil rather than vegetable oil.
  • Though I absolutelyΒ hate the stuff, I am going to make sure that I drink at least one Green Tea every single morning. I know the nutritional benefits that comes from it, I just need to get my head around liking it again.
  • Water. Water, water, water. I am absolutely rubbish at drinking even nearly enough. I don’t even drink 1 litre a day, let alone two.

Luckily, I know that by making these changes, I am likely to see some differences. If this is your first time through a fitness journey, you might not know what you need to do. Read up as much as you can and try different things and see what works.

7lb to go. Let’s see what I can do!!!