That November…

There we go! That’s the end of the month! Can’t believe I have been at this for 4 weeks now. That’s definitely an achievement in my book!! Anyone who knows me will tell you that my sticking power can sometimes be a bit hit and miss – but this time I feel like I am actually doing OK.

I’m not being super harsh on myself, which means I don’t end up going on crazy binges…People are actually helping me rather than asking me why I’m bothering (which makes a huge difference) and mum is letting me cook so it means we can eat all the healthy meals I want (which, at the end of the day, is helping her out too).

My week in pictures…

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There has been a LOT of good food this week!

Sunday – My mum actually requested that I made that amazing salad again. My mum and salad don’t mix, so if she requested this one, it must be pretty damn special. It’s so simple as well: Various salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrot, croutons, pine nuts, crispy bacon pieces & peppered chicken. A-freakin-mazing!

Monday – On Monday night me and Matt met at SnoZone in Milton Keynes for his first ever snowboarding lesson. At the same time I had a little ski. It was so much fun! I love the fact that Matt’s learning the slopes – that means new places to go on holiday! Horray! Though oops, I don’t actually think we ate a proper dinner because of the timings of the lessons etc.

Tuesday – We were in and around Birmingham all day, which meant we got to have Nandos for lunch. SCORE! Hit me up with those Macho Peas and a tonne of chicken and I am well away!! Then for dinner we had those meatballs. This was a simple little recipe that I found online. The recipe was for turkey meatballs, but we switched that out for beef mince. Mix the minced meat with breadcrumbs, 1 egg, a little bit of cheese, garlic & seasoning and roll into little balls. Cook in a home made tomato sauce and serve with whatever you want! We had it with Pasta, but I wouldn’t normally eat pasta so if I make them again I’d have with sweet potatoes or roasted vegetables or something similar.

Wednesday – This was my favourite meal of the week. And it was so so simple. Pesto chicken skewers with sweet potato wedges. Cube up some chicken, whack it in a bowl with some pesto, mix up and then leave to marinate in the fridge for an hour or so. Soak some wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes (or buy metal ones) and then alternate chicken and tomato pieces. Then, whack under the grill for 5 or so minutes either side and you have the yummiest skewers! For the sweet potato wedges, cut them up into chunks and whack them in a bowl with some olive oil, paprika, garlic & herbs. Whack in the oven for 25 minutes to soften them up, then switch to the grill to crisp up the outside. Perfecto!!

Thursday – Long ol’ day at work – so I made up a chicken stew in the slow cooker in the morning so it was all good and ready for when I got home (which ended up being after 9pm – not ideal). But the stew was laaaaavly. A bunch of chicken, a tonne of vegetables and some stock. Simples.

Friday – Matt had spent some time down in his Essex homeland this week, so I went to join them after work on Friday, and of course the Skinny Pizzas came out. Such an easy recipe, and there’s nothing bad about them! If you haven’t had a Skinny Pizza before, you are truly missing out! And the coolest thing?! A Skinny Kitchen has opened inside the Egg nightclub in London. What more do you need in life?!!

With regards to eating at work – I normally snack all day on nuts, sultanas, fruit & carrot sticks. If I have anything left over from the night before I might take that in, but I rarely actually have a meal. The hotel does provide food, but it’s not exactly healthy, so I make sure I stay away!!

Other little things that I have discovered this week –

  • Protein Porridge. I’m going to be trying those out next week – look out for my review!
  • Christmas Pud Nakd Bars. So so scrummy it’s unreal! I just bought one to try in Asda while we were in there, and I loved it. I’m trying to turn my mum into a healthy eating buyer, but it can only be done bit by bit. The next step is to stop her buying cereal bars and get her to buy these. Unfortunately, these are around 3 times the price of regular cereal bars, so trying to get my mum to buy these is like trying to get blood out of a stone.
  • Muscovado Sugar. I’m a sweetener girl – and the amount of people that have a go at me about this is just ridiculous. Someone recommended muscovado sugar to me because it’s the most natural source blah blah blah so I thought i’d give it a go. So no more sweeteners for me, I’m going to try this stuff instead.


I spent Sunday at a Christmas Market with my mum, my sister, her husband and their little one. Was so difficult not to eat & drink absolutely everything in sight but I did OK. I’m going to Birmingham Christmas Market with Matt next week and I’m so excited about that!!! Being around food is difficult for me in any situation, but I try my best!!

If anyone has found any yummy, healthy recipes, then please send them over! I want to try some new things out!!