That Third Week…

I can’t even believe that I’m three weeks in!! Three weeks into eating pretty healthily and hitting the gym.

All in all I’ve been to 8 gym classes, written 24 blog posts, 430 tweets, cooked an uncountable amount of healthy (ish) meals and semi-forced mum and Matt to join me on this journey. It’s not been too difficult either to be honest. There have been a couple of times where it has been pretty easy to say ‘Oh, OK – let’s have a beer’ but I realised that I needed to change and cut out the alcohol from November 13th. And though I have wanted a gin or two, I haven’t had a drink in 10 days (so far). I plan to keep the alcohol cut out until Christmas – and then cut it out again afterwards – because I know what a big difference it makes to my weight loss journey.

I also started my new job on Wednesday – how exciting!!! And I started as I mean to go on – making sure I hit the gym after work. It’s really important to keep working out around the work schedule. To be honest – it knackered me out a bit this week. Five weeks off of work and then straight in to a two day handover and a Wedding on Friday. Tiring! I was supposed to go to the gym on Saturday after work but I got there 10 minutes before it closed… oops 😦

I haven’t quite worked out how my hours work at the moment – next week I am working 8am-4pm every day. This is a nice and early finish – but considering the gym classes I normally go to don’t start until 6pm, it’s a pretty long wait in between. So I have two choices – either go home and make sure I leave the house again to go to the classes, or head to the gym and do a session myself. I guess we will have to wait and see. But I must go to the gym on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! I am going skiing at Milton Keynes SnoZone on Monday night, so I am classing that as a bit of exercise (pushing myself up after falling down a gazillion times will be a work out on it’s own), and then I will be having Tuesday off.

This Week in Meals:

Monday – Chicken, Chorizo & Tomato Quesadillas

Tuesday – Beef Stew

Wednesday – Chicken & Vegetable Stew

Thursday – Chicken Kievs with Cous Cous

Friday – Skinny Kitchen Pizzas

Saturday – Quorn Chilli with Sweet Potato Wedges

So, you don’t have to be eating a salad every day to be eating healthily. Just look up healthy versions of the food you love. It’s pretty simple. Not everything has been perfect. Monday and Thursday are the worst day out of the week, but it’s not horrendously bad.

Matt asked me to do this for him and create a list of meals to cook during the week which were healthy and not too expensive. I made him a shopping list of all the ingredients that he would need and we went and bought them all on Monday evening. He spent £35.00 and had a week full of lovely, healthy meals (which I loved getting pictures of every night).

I did the same for mum. I made a shopping list for her and it came to £34.00 for a week full of nice healthy meals which I know we are both going to like. I am also making sure that I am getting rid of some of the healthy stuff that she has had stored in the freezers since I left for season first time around!! She doesn’t really cook so I have been doing all of that to keep it nice and healthy.

Today I made a gorgeous soup (which I discovered when I visited Matt’s parents) – and my sister, brother in law and nephew came round to enjoy it with me and mum. Everyone loved it and it was perfectly healthy. Just full of vegetables!


All in all – it’s been a really good week. I want to up my gym game and make sure that I am totally smashing it out of the water. In 9 days I will have completed my first full month and I am going to have to take photos and measurements (EEEEEEEKKK) – so this week I want to work my butt off!!