That New Job…

Yay!! I’ve got myself a job…!!

You’re looking at the new Wedding Coordinator at Bedford Lodge Hotel in Newmarket. Go me!! *Self High-Five*

And now the real test comes – making sure that I exercise plenty around work.

I have a lot of things to juggle;

– The wonderful Matt, who’s been ridiculously supportive through all of this job hunt malarkey,

– Work, which I want to give my full attention during one of the hardest months of the year, and leading into my first full year in 2015…

– My friends all over the country, who I could never and would never give up…

– And the gym, which I need to smash out, especially through December, the most difficult time of year.

All of these are so important to me, and that’s why I will be trying my hardest to balance everything out. And that’s what’s important! Getting that balance right!

Sitting on the sofa can wait. It’s easy enough to finish work, drive home, have dinner and then slouch on the sofa watching The Apprentice or I’m a Celeb. It takes that extra little bit of effort to run 5k or do a gym class after work, and then guess what? – You can watch I’m a Celeb on plus 1. It’s not going anywhere!!

My trick? I have my gym kit in my car so I don’t even have to go home. Going home means I sit down & sitting down generally means I won’t get up again. So I can’t sit down until I’m done. I can’t even sit down until I’ve showered…because I’ll end up sitting there for hours. I don’t actually have motivation to go to the gym, I have to force myself. I’m not super-woman, I don’t think anyone is. There’s a LOT of mind over matter required. Make it happen!

So…. I started today as I mean to go on. After work, I went to the gym. I ran 5k – and guess what..? I did it in my fastest time!!



My goal was to get 5k under 30 minutes. And look at that!!! 29.51.

It was hard….I died. Twice I think. But I did it! And I was so bloody happy! Well done me – I shall pat myself on the back as there’s noone around to do it for me!

Now I urge all of you to do the same. Who cares if you have a job??Most of you work 8 hour days…make it 9 and spend an hour at the gym. I’m not even saying do it every day, 3 times a week is perfectly fine. And don’t give me that “I’ll wait until the New Year” crap. That’s a load of bull – and all the gyms are stupidly, annoyingly full in January. You do NOT wanna be the new kid then.

Today, I’m happy. Partly the post workout endorphin’s – partly the hype of the new job – partly the realisation of  the support around me.

Make your happy – I dare you 😉