That Week Two…

Let me just put it out there… week two is WAY easier than week one! Let me explain why:

Exercise is easier: It’s simple – I’ve already gone through it once – practice was over! Last week’s first attempts at Les Mills Body Combat, Legs Bums & Tums and 5k on the treadmill seem like lightyears ago.

I was dropped off at my sisters bootcamp on Monday morning. She does it three times a week, come rain or shine!



She always asks me to do it with her, and I always say no. I absolutely HATE exercising outside, whether it be running, cycling, or HIIT training in a field. But seeing her smashing out this camp early Monday morning inspired me to bash on with my own training.

Tiffy Top Tip: It’s kind of obvious really – if you don’t enjoy exercising a certain way – don’t do it!!! I am way more likely to give up on something if I’m not enjoying it. I did Naomi’s boot camp twice – and I’ll probably never do it again.


I got through two Body Combat classes this week without having to stop and catch my breath nearly as many times. I knew the tracks and I pick up choreography uncharacteristically well, so I pretty much knew what I was doing. There are some absolutely MEGA songs in this release, and they get me through the hardest exercises.

That’s track no.2 – legs. It’s a killer, I won’t lie. Music is so important for me when it comes to exercise, and this is why I choose to do Les Mills classes. Some people don’t like ‘boom, boom, boom’ pumping out of the speakers, instructors shouting at you and eye-balling yourself in the mirror – but I definitely do. Couldn’t think of anything better!

At the moment, I feel like my legs are super weak, and so the leg tracks in Body Combat are the ones that I struggle with. I plan to get myself onto the Smith machine in the gym and build up weighted squats again. My heaviest last time were 40kg (3 sets of 10).

I’m torn about how to go about starting up again – I don’t know what’s better – doing 3 sets of 10 at an average weight, or doing the 5×5 work out? The 5×5 is 5 reps, 5 sets – and HEAVY! Any advice would be appreciated.

FYI: Squats are a compound lift – so they work the entire body. Squats/deadlifts/pull ups & bench press are all compound lifts – check out the beginners guide here. If you are doing these lifts properly, you’ll feel it in your arms, chest, stomach and back. Such a good feeling, and they make changes in your body quicker than any other exercise will!

I also ran my second 5k this week. You can read about how that went here. In short – I had the right music, the right mind set & the right attitude. I’m working on getting my 5k under 30 minutes, and the only way this is going to be done is to keep doing it.



I prefer being able to do the same distance in a shorter time, rather than run at the same speed for a longer amount of time. Mainly because I have a short attention span, so running for an hour and a half really isn’t for me. It’s the same with weights – I’d rather build up the kgs than build up the reps.

I’ve spent the weekend at Matts place. Amazingly, he rode 142km on Friday for the November Gran Fondo (something I could never ever do!) with two others. What an absolute hero! This absolutely shows what you can do when you put your mind to it. He’s trying to get me out on a bike, and I keep saying no – but I haven’t actually given it a go – so maybe it’s something we can do together. Though if I did, there would be no-one back at home with pizza and cake prepared (yep, aren’t I lovely?). Follow @ridewithmatt on Twitter and Instagram.

Next weeks plan…

I’ve had a look at my gym timetables – and this is my plan for next week:

Monday evening – Body Combat

Tuesday – 5k on the treadmill

Wednesday morning – Body Combat

Thursday evening – Legs, Bums & Tums

I’m going to leave the weekend free, because I never know what I’m doing then. If I go to Matts, I’ll take my running stuff this time, so I can go for a run when he’s at work.

Note: I don’t write my planned classes and exercise here because I want to be all show-offy about the exercise I’m doing – I write it here because it means I have to do it. Documenting everything really helps me stick to my plan. Try it – write down your exercise plan for the week, taking into account work and other commitments, and then make sure you stick to it. Remember to make it realistic!

I know one thing for sure – this week is going to be easier than last. And strangely, it keeps going on like that. So, I say to you now – get through that first week and you’ll feel a hell of a lot better when you go into your second!!