That 2nd 5K…

Today I woke up feeling good…

And that’s awesome!

It’s been a week and a half – and I’m feeling better and seeing changes already. I’ve not been hitting the gym like a mad woman every single moment of every single day – I’ve not been starving myself – I’ve just been doing things right.

Since last Monday, I’ve been to the gym 5 times. So that’s once every couple of days. I’ve eaten well 80% of the time (see my food diary here) and I’ve had the most amazing support from everyone. Food is most definitely my weakness, and saying no to cake is one of the hardest things ever! But I cook dinner for my mum, and that means I get the choice of what we are having – meaning healthier choices get made.

When I was getting ready for the gym this morning, I just had a quick look in the mirror:



That line on the side of my stomach had appeared out of nowhere! LOVE IT! That horrendous 1lb weight loss means nothing when I look in the mirror and feel happy about what I see. I went to the gym feeling great and ready to smash out the 5k that I promised myself I was going to do.

If you remember – last time I didn’t have the right music with me. This time I had a podcast from Borgore downloaded and I knew that it would spur me on to get it finished. Annoyingly, I got a phone call 15 minutes in which meant I had to stop, and when I started again it was a little bit of a struggle. But I got through it! Β 31 minutes later, 5k was done and I felt even better about myself!



(I wasn’t logging my run in French…promise!!)


Getting the work done early means that I have the rest of the day to do absolutely nothing if I wanted. Brilliant.My goal is to get 5k under 30 minutes, so I will be running it at least once a week to try and get my time down. If you have any tips – please let me know!!

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