That Weight…

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to delay my weigh in until this morning because I was at Matt‘s – so I got out the WiiFit today to see how I’ve got on.

I felt confident getting on the board, going through all of the balance blah blah and then the measurements.

One bloody pound. ONE!!

Now, I know that one pound is perfectly fine for the weight loss/time frame that I have set myself, but I still find myself a little disappointed. And I’m sure that every single person that is on a weight-loss journey finds a difference of one pound the most frustrating of all – I know I do!!

Here is where I would normally sayΒ “Check your measurements!”Β – but I have told myself that I am doing measurements just once a month so that I can see greater differences. If you are feeling particularly demotivated because of the small weight loss,Β please do check your measurements – I’ll bet anything you’ve lost some inches.

I’m now thinking back through the last week and looking at what changes I can make to ensure that I happy with next weeks results. It takes a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose a pound in weight, so what can I cut to make it happen? I went to the Twin Atlantic gig on Thursday, and drank beer and cocktails. The next day, we looked at how many calories we drank. It wasn’t pretty:



1,682 calories (roughly) in alcohol – and you don’t even want to see the sugar content!! Then I had 6 bottles of beer over the weekend. That’s another 750 calories. Jesus Christ. That’s a whopping 2,432 calories in LIQUIDS!!! And I’m sure a couple of drinks aren’t even included in that.

My conclusion: Alcohol is out. No more until Christmas (I can’t deny myself a glass of wine at Christmas meals). If I stop drinking two and a half thousand calories a week, the weight is going to drop off way quicker. And ultimately, that’s the goal.

So, if you want to help me – please don’t offer me a beer or glass of wine with dinner.

And if you want to help yourself – cut out those alcoholic drinks for a while!