That Visit…

I spent this weekend at Matts parents house. It was also the first time I had ever met them, along with his sister and her two little ones as well. Yep – Scary! And even more scary for me considering how ‘fussy’ I’m being at the moment.

You know what it’s like when you have visitors round – you’re always wanting to make sure that they are adequately fed and watered, and if someone says ‘no’, you might just think that they’re being polite. It was horrendously difficult to turn down a slice of an amazing looking victoria sponge that had been made by Mum, as well as freshly baked bread with lunchtime soup (which was home-made as well – yum!!).

Fortunately, Matt’s Dad reads this blog every now and then (hiya!), and is on the fitness hype as well – so I think they partially knew what was coming. Which was helpful for me. I obviously didn’t want to seem rude, or fussy, or awkward….but I did, nearly every step of the way.

It’s really difficult when you don’t know, or aren’t totally comfortable with the people you are eating with – but sometimes you have to stick to your guns – resist the temptations and resist the urge to accept absolutely everything that’s on offer.

(Though I did want to devour that cake)