That Food Prep…


I like food…

…But I am a self-diagnosed fussy eater. “I don’t like it…..I’ve never had it, but I don’t like it”. Standard line. So, to combat this, and to combat rushed food decisions (which always turn out bad) I pre-plan food. All food.

In my head, a week always starts on a Monday, so Sunday is generally food prep day. Food prep can be different for different people, but I think mine is pretty standard. Once I get into a routine, I know that I am generally going to eat firstly at around 11am, then between 1 and 2pm for lunch, a snack around 4 or 5pm, and then depending on if I have a gym class in the evening, dinner at 7pm or after a gym session at 830pm.

Important factor: I don’t care what time I eat. I have a varied lifestyle. Sometimes I just can’t eat until 9pm. I don’t believe that you have to finish eating your daily amount of carbs before 6pm, or eating too late is going to mess up your metabolism. I may have just killed 500 calories at a Body Combat class – I NEED to eat. And if I don’t….I get a bit hangry.


You really won’t like me when I’m hangry.

So, in general, I prep lunch for the week and then make sure I have plenty of food for dinner which I will cook from fresh (unless I know I’m going to be super late).

Lunch prep generally consists of making a big Quorn chilli with fresh tomatoes, onions, tomato puree, kidney beans & plenty of kick (unfortunately I don’t like peppers or mushrooms, so I won’t add those in). I sometimes substitute the kidney beans for baked beans if I know someone else will be eating it, because the rest of my family don’t like them. One 500g bag of Quorn makes 5 good servings, and so that’s most of the week at work sorted. You can also create ‘meals’ on My Fitness Pal, so you don’t have to re-enter the recipe every weekend!



As you can see, you can have a look at the macro nutrient breakdown of the meals that you make. I’ve done pretty well here – close to the 40/40/20 breakdown that I try and stick to. You won’t get everything perfect, but average it out over the week and it will work out well!

Breakfast is simple (see my previous post with my thoughts on that issue). Grab some yoghurt or porridge or whisk up some eggs if I’m at home. And dinner is equally as simple. I generally make sure I know what I’m having for dinner before I leave the house in the morning. It normally consists of chicken, chicken and more chicken.

I’m currently recreating meals from the Skinny Kitchen menu (follow them on Twitter here). I’ll be doing a full blog post on Skinny Kitchen soon. It was my addiction in Ibiza – I was gutted it took until August for me to find the place though!

Tiffy Top Tip: Prep as much as you can. The same meals over and over again can get boring, believe me, so make sure you check out a load of healthy recipes online and re-create them. Find out what foods you really like and build on them.

Personally, repetition works for me. I can eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every single day for months and not really have a problem with it. Obviously I can’t be 100% perfect, and there are some days when I don’t even want to look at Fage 0% yoghurt or Quorn chilli….but I manage to make it through. And guess what..? That’s what makes the difference.


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  1. I suffer from the same fussy eater problem haha. If it looks bad or I haven’t had it before, I won’t touch it. haha 🙂 p.s I’ve been looking for some easy breakfast meals and the ones you posted are exactly what I was looking for! 😀 thank you!!


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