That Weekend…

I think anyone will agree – the weekend is the most difficult time to stick to eating well and exercising. It seems as if Friday comes along and everyone just turns off their sensible brains and says to themselves “I’ll do what I want!!”

Unfortunately though, this will be your downfall. Just because you’re not at work, or there’s weekend TV on, or you’re meeting up with your friends, doesn’t mean you can completely fall off the bandwagon. Sometimes I do like to treat myself, but I don’t treat myself with double chocolate fudgey fudge cake. I find a healthy dessert recipe online and attempt to recreate it (with varying results) or I have some frozen yoghurt. You’ve got to have limits.

Tiffy Top Tip: My ‘weigh in’ day is always on a Monday, and so it’s always in the back of my mind throughout the weekend so I don’t over indulge.

Make you you stick to your guns on the weekend….!!