That Support…

I remember the looks; the rolling of eyes, tutting and shaking of heads.

I’m a fussy eater – I don’t like certain foods, and if I am out in a restaurant and paying for a meal, why should I order something that I don’t want? These looks weren’t just from the waiters and waitresses – I’d get them from my friends and family too.

I’m now preparing for all of this to start again. I like to go out and see my friends, and normally our meet-ups are restaurant based. Because I’m obviously trying to be as healthy as possible, I am going to want to make good choices at the dinner table. So maybe I will ask to change my chips for a jacket potato (or even better, sweet potato wedges) or cut out the carbs all together and have extra veg.

Is it actually a problem?! No, it just means Mr or Mrs Cheffy needs to take a bit more care when reading over the ticket going into the kitchen. And I’m really sorry, but if it comes out wrong, I’m going to send it back. I won’t be angry at the chef – after all, I’m the one that asked for the change – I’m going to be angry at myself. Why…? Because I don’t have the bloody will power to avoid a few chips on my plate.

This is where my support network comes in. Yes, there will be friends & family who will be likeΒ “You don’t need to lose any weight – eat what you want”…I’m fully expecting that. And please fully expect me to ignore you if you are one of those. Unless you’re my Nan – then I’ll politely eat some cake with my cuppa when I visit.

Some people do it purely by accident. They are normally really helpful, covering my eyes when walking past Patisserie Valerie or Greggs and steering me towards a Tossed salad instead. But there will be one time when they accidentally offer me a bite of their cookie and their eyes will widen with fear as I turn my head towards them to decline. But it’s OK, I’m not going to rip anyone’s head off. No-one’s 100%, me being a perfect example!

But there are also those people who know exactly what I’m trying to do, and why, and they choose to support me a gazillion percent. They might even be on a similar journey to me.

Thank You!!!

No, I wouldn’t like some of your chocolate bar (though I could inhale the whole thing) and I don’tΒ want to go halves on Domino’s (I really want a whole one to myself). Food is my weakness. So it’s super helpful when friends and family don’t rub cake in my face – because I’d only lick it all off if they did.

So, I just want you to think of your friendsΒ that are hitting the gym and trying to eat well. It isn’t easy – far from it – there’s so much temptation, and it’s so easy to fall. Encourage them, motivate them, congratulate them, and maybe even join them for a couple of healthy meals to show your support.