That Day Off…

Today is a day off. Woo!!! I have an interview at 12, and then Matt is coming to pick me up and we are going to see Twin Atlantic at The Junction in Cambridge.

Let me be clear about this. I’m not going to stop having a good time because I want to lose some weight and gain a little bit of muscle. One night with a few drinks isn’t going to be that detrimental to the overall journey. And because my goals are actually reasonable this time around – I’m not going to be crazy strict and lock myself away like a hermit. BUT – I am not going to turn my whole day bad by taking a full ‘day off’. One of those would be filled with a full English breakfast, white bread, pasta, cheesecake, sponge cake, ice cream and whatever else I could get my hands on…probably with extra toppings. Not ideal – and I’d probably spend the next week recovering from the carb-coma (and the overwhelming guilt).

I’ll spend most of the day eating like I have done the past three, and when we go to dinner in Cambridge, I’ll make a relatively healthy choice (as long as I don’t look at anyone else’s and get horrendous food envy). We might have wine at dinner, we might have beer, we might even crack out a gin or two. I don’t mind – I’m perfectly happy with any of those options. I’ll probably drink beer or spirits at the gig, and then maybe we’ll pop to another bar afterwards. I’m not going to feel guilty about any one of those drinks. We’ve been looking forward to this for ages –  we are going to have an AWESOME night.

But you know what I won’t do…? I won’t let one night with a bit of alcohol affect the rest of my weekend. I won’t pretend that crappy food is going to get rid of that wine headache I might have – because it won’t. Personally, I find that eating well and, more importantly, rehydrating myself is what’s going to make me feel good the morning after the night before.

By the way: It’s very unlikely that I will remember to log all of the drinks that I have – so don’t expect My Fitness Pal to be updated on Friday night. Off out having fun… SozNotSoz

And that’s the message I wan’t to get across really. Have fun once in a while. Drink beer (or tequila if you prefer) and enjoy those moments. But, as with anything, do it in moderation. One night out, every couple of weeks, isn’t a problem – a couple of nights out, every week, is.