That Legs, Bums & Tums…

I remember this class from last time. Light to moderate exercises with a few hard, and I mean really hard, squat/lunge tracks. All to the music, nice instructor woman, not too busy….nice little recovery session to see off the last two days.

I turn up, rushed because of the rubbish Brandon traffic, and I walk in and see Lee. Now, Lee is my across-the-road neighbour, and father to one of my sisters best friends. He’s constantly doing something – running with his staffies, going out on the bike or leaving the house to run various circuit sessions at the gym. I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy session, so I thought I’d have quick chat with Lee first to make sure I’d be OK. He recognised me immediately, knew that I hadn’t been before so stopped to explain things, but told me that I’ll be OK with the higher levels of each exercise. Eeeeek.

Everything was going well until we got to the squats. My legs are far from recovered for Combat on Monday & running yesterday, and so these were certainly a killer. And there were a LOT of them. My legs are pretty weak as it is – this was definitely a struggle.

Note: Normally I wouldn’t suggest doing 3 days on the trot when first starting out (again), but I know that I’m not going to get an awful lot done for the rest of the week and so I have to make up for that now.

After 20 minutes of legs, we grabbed some weight bars and did various versions of rows and squats, before laying on the steps for chest and tricep exercises. My muscles were shaking, but something spurred me on through those last sets…

Music whilst exercising is so important to me. Listening to high intensity tunes that I love makes me work harder. When this came on, I was like “TUNE!!”Β and kept pumping! I got through those reps with a smile on my face! (Though I wasn’t quite sure what chest and tricep exercises had to do with Legs, BumsΒ orΒ Tums)

After the bar work, we went onto the mats. Planks, push ups, supermans – you name it, we did it! After another twenty minutes, Lee then stated, quite happily, that we only had 6 minutes left. I was quite happy about that as well to be fair! But then he said, and I quote…

“We did 350 crunches last week – this week, we’re doing 400”

Oh lord.

What more can I say. Owieeeeee.

The stretches were absolutely delightful. It’s crazy how much you really need them after a strong session. Sometimes I feel that classes rush the stretches at the end, so I do extras when I am back home.

Big pat on the back for me (stretching triceps as I do of course)!!


If you’ve smashed it today – then big well done! Rest day for you? That’s sweet – smash it again tomorrow!