That Job…

I completely understand that people have jobs. At the moment, I’m not one of those people, but I am interviewing and intend to be back in employment very very soon (or else I might go crazy!!).

I may have already told you that I did a fitness journey before ;). People often asked me how I did a 9-5:30 job Monday to Friday, events on the weekend and nightclub work – and I always told them the same thing. I make time to exercise. It won’t come to you – you have to work for it.

At first I did evening classes, and then when I knew I had a bit more self-motivation, I added in a few morning classes too. I had to train my body to get up when that alarm went off at 6:15, get to the gym and smash it! Whether it was Body Combat class or a mixed weights and cardio session – I did the best I could. And afterwards – my day began. It’s brilliant because you get through a 45min or hour workout before you wake up and realise what you’re doing to yourself. Mind trickery at it’s best!

Preparation is key: If I’m training early in the morning before work, I pack absolutely everything I need the night before. This means I can just get up and go rather than faff about at silly o’clock in the morning. And yes, I still believe that it is silly o’clock in the morning – that will NEVER change.

Going back through the My Fitness Pal exercise log from 3 years back, it looked as if I got the early morning gym sessions out of the way at the beginning of the week. Smash out 3 in a row and I felt good about myself. It’s so important to choose exercise that you like, or else you’re unlikely to bother. Body Combat or Boxercise classes kept me interested, so I filled my mornings with those.

Luckily, my gym membership with Anglia Community Leisure includes 3 different leisure centres and 2 swimming pools – in Brandon, Mildenhall and Newmarket. This means that I can look through three different class timetables and have a gazillion choices. I can book online or by telephone, and they open from 630am – 11pm, so I can’t really go wrong. There are so many different membership options as well, or you can just ‘Pay&Play’. I go the full whack for £37 a month, which means all gyms, swims and classes are included.

I plan to do exactly the same this time around and plan my week of classes ahead, get a couple of mornings in and work as hard as I can.

The most important thing is to look at your working hours before you join a gym or leisure centre. If the gym closes early or has no evening classes, then it probably isn’t the one for you. If it means driving 5 or 10 more miles to somewhere different, but there are more options there for you, then so be it. Weigh up the pros and cons and make it work for you.