That Body…

…and those hang-ups!


I know this post might show negative thinking towards my own body and physical appearance, but I’m not going to sit here and lie and say that I am totally happy with all aspects of me – because I’m not.
But guess what…? There are parts of my body that I love, and there will be a later post running through those bits too.

I’m pretty ordinary.

A pretty ordinary 24 year old. ‘Average’ height & weight, according to all of those rubbish statistics that you see thrown about on This Morning and Loose Women. Ergh!

I don’t want to be average!!! Average sucks!!!

Along with every other ‘average’ person, I have a whole list of body hang-ups. I think these are made worse because I know what my body can look like and has looked like before, and I’m quite impatient, so I want it back like that now.

I want to run through the hang-ups that I have… then maybe someone else with hang-ups will have a read of this and realise that, with a little bit of work, those hang-ups just won’t be there anymore.

Shoulders – I have a real problem with these. You’ll rarely find me wearing anything with thin straps or strapless all together. I just think my shoulders slope off and have no shape. BUT – I know the changes that Body Combat made to my shoulders last time I went through my fitness journey, and that’s why I will forever more go to those classes – no matter how much pain they cause me!

I don’t even know if this has a specific name, but that area where the pectoral (chest) muscle meets the shoulder. You know, that fatty area around the front of your armpit? That! The only thing that ever got rid of these for me were obviously all-over weight loss, but also chest press variations using the smith machine and dumbells. Shoulder press helps too!

Stomach – MASSIVE problem area for most people. I know my potential – simple as. “Abs are made in the kitchen” is the truest quote out there. I’m definitely not 100% perfect, I have ‘off’ days. I drink beer at gigs. But I intend to eat as cleanly as possible 80% of the time. From last time, I know that my upper abs show before my lower…but I know I’ll just need to keep going. Those changes will come.

Give. It. Time

‘Love Handles’ – My lower back is a hang-up. The last bit of fat to disappear on my weight-loss journey. Jeans annoy me, I’m not quite sure whether to wear my leggings high-waisted or not, bikini bottoms are awkward – you get my drift – that area just needs to stay covered until I’m happy. It’s one of those all-over weight loss things…just have to keep working and it will happen.

Legs – Just the legs. Well, just at the moment. I know exactly what I need to do to get back what I used to have. Keep hitting those Combat classes, rack up the 30kg squats on the smith machine (don’t judge me – I don’t have the balance to do that weight unsupported) and build back up to that 80kg leg press.

And that’s it..!

Ha! That looks like a lot when I read it back – but I want you to understand something. I’ve got body hang-ups, yes. Just like you probably do. But I’m not just complaining about them, I’m doing something to fix them. And I’ll continue to do that thing until I don’t have those hang-ups anymore…and then – and only then – I’ll maintain.

I’m a totally different person when I’m happy with my body. My skin glows, my eyes are brighter, I’m all-round happier. You’ll see it in me. And please, tell me when you do… because there’s no bigger confidence boost than hearing it from someone else.

Remember that for every friend you have that’s hitting the gym and trying to make those changes!!

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