That Gym Attire…

I absolutely love reading articles with the title “What your gym clothes say about you”. They make me laugh because of the categories that people (mainly girls) are just shoved into.

Gym clothes

I was actually going to write a similar post, but then I remembered what my blog was actually supposed to be about, and that was showing you guys my fitness journey, not commenting on others.

This is what I believe….

Wear what the hell you are comfortable in!

Some people might be comfortable in shorts – I am definitely not. I couldn’t think of anything worse than working out in shorts like the ones in the picture above. I’m jealous of whoever can get away with it. There will be a later post on body hang-ups, and my legs are definitely one of them – shorts are definitely a no-go.

My gym style is very much like most of the below. Three-quarter plain black dry-fit leggings, Adidas TechFit Sports Bra and a random baggy tee or vest covering up yet another body hang-up. My trainers are currently Nike Training Flex TR2’s. I haven’t trained properly in them for a while, so I’m going to see how they hold up. A new pair may well be in order if they can’t keep up with me!!

WorkOut Clothes

Yes, I do find myself glancing up when other girls walk into the gym to study what they are wearing – but I’m not being bitchy – I’m getting ideas for my own gym wear! I always look at trainers first. Trainers are quickly becoming the center of all gym outfits at the moment – the brighter the better in my opinion.

One thing I don’t like are slogan gym tee’s. You won’t ever find me in a “Keep Calm & Sweat” or “I don’t Sweat – I sparkle” vest. I do end up wearing a lot of Ibiza Rocks gig tee’s – but since I collected what seems like hundreds of them when I worked there – I may as well use them for something.

Guess what…? Sometimes I wear makeup to the gym too. SHOCK HORROR!

Don’t judge me though. I’ve probably come straight from work, I might not have any makeup wipes with me, and I might have had to rush to get to the class on time  in the first place. I’m not one to get dolled up to sweat it out normally, and personally I don’t understand the girls that do – but don’t go judging unnecessarily.

All in all, you need to be as comfortable as possible to exercise properly. I think I look my best when I’m in my gym clothes, and that gives me a bit of confidence to get in there and smash it! Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks… I sometimes wear a bright neon pink headband to get my unruly hair out of my face when I’m running. It helps me run better and for longer because I’m not faffing around getting my mane out of my face. It’s practical – it works – it’s staying!

Do it for you – and if there is someone else checking out what you’re wearing in the gym, be safe in the knowledge that they are either:

a) checking out your awesome outfit and making mental notes, or

b) trying to distract themselves from their already failing gym session – leaving you to show them how it’s done.