That First 5k…

Well, not my first 5k, like, ever… Just the first one on this fitness journey.

And it was hard

And I made some absolute rookie errors..

  1. I hadn’t charged my Ipod, and therefore didn’t have the right playlist. Grrr
  2. I ate dinner with Mum at 7pm, starting running at 8pm – not ideal.

Food not really digested meant I kept getting stitches and couldn’t control my breathing. Anyone watching me must have had a right laugh!!!

But guess what….? I finished it! Took me longer than it should have (33 minutes to be exact) but I got through it. A full 5k. Day Two = Done!

Yay me!!

Tomorrow is Legs, Bums & Tums. To you, that might sound like a girly class. But it hurts, it bloody hurts. And yet – I’m kinda looking forward to it πŸ™‚