That Square One…

Phew!! It’s been a long morning… I’m so glad that I set reminders for myself last night, a list telling me exactly what I needed to do today. It’s been a long time since I’ve ventured on a proper fitness journey (3 years!) so I had to make sure I had everything covered.

My Tiffy To-Do list included:

First things first, I wanted to find out how much I weigh. We’ve had a Nintendo Wii with Wii Fit in the house for as long as I can remember (I’m pretty sure we got one when they first came out). The Wii normally only ever comes out at Christmas time – organised fun and all that – but I’ve had the most use out of the Wii Fit. The whole family is set up on it with our own profiles, including the dog (yup), so I find it really easy to use and log my own specific weight, measurements, records and goals etc.

So, I logged in…

Oops…. Well, I’ve not been in the country…

The Wii seems to have it’s own personality, and considering it had been nearly 600 days since Wii had ‘seen’ me, he (I assume it’s a he) ‘accidentally’ called me by the wrong name. Oh, the humor.

After the random chat at the beginning, I went straight into a body test. First of all Wii tested my center of gravity (wasn’t too bad) and then it went on to measuring my weight. I decided to do this unclothed to get accurate results, and I will do the same for every weigh-in.

Continuity is key! If you measure yourself unclothed the first time, make sure you do the same every time. The same goes for time of day. I always measure myself first thing in the morning. Make these habits and stick to them!!


10st 4lbs. As you can see, I have put on 1lb since I last weighed myself, but that was obviously nearly 600 days ago.

My body looks completely different to what it did 600 days ago, and this is why I want to urge anyone reading this to NEVER EVER go through a fitness journey just focusing on weight. It’s difficult not to, trust me, I know. At one point in my last fitness journey, I was weighing myself every morning, completely obsessed with a 0.2 pound difference. Through reading and educating myself, I realised that the body goes through so many changes daily, and that you can’t work day by day… you need a longer time frame to see actual changes.

I know what you’re thinking… “10st 4lbs – that’s hardly overweight! Even your BMI says ideal” .. and yes, in some respects I agree with you. 10st 4lbs was my half-way point in that fitness journey of three years ago, but I remember what my end point was – how I looked, how I felt. I want to look & feel that way again please!

I also took my Day One photos and measurements. Now, I’m not going to post those delightful photos online just yet (even I’m not that confident) but in a month, when I take a new set of photos, I hope to see a difference, and then I’ll show you…pinky promise! Measurements are as follows:

  • Stomach (at it’s biggest part) – 36.5 inches
  • Belly Button – 34 inches
  • Waist (smallest part) – 30 inches
  • Thigh (biggest part) – 23.5 inches

IMPORTANT: I want to stress to anyone reading this how important taking measurements are. When you feel like you are coming to a standstill with your weight loss, have a look at your measurements. I bet all the money that you’ll be seeing changes there!

So that’s me. Square One – Day One! The next stage is That Goal Setting. Watch this space…!!