That Goal Setting…

With all of my starting stats in place, the next thing to do is create my personal fitness goals. Now, I am notorious for setting massive short term fitness goals… not ideal. I never manage to complete them and then I go crying about it. Standard. But I think I’ve grown up a little in that sense, and I now understand how important long term goals and the bigger picture are.

So, with that in mind – I used the Wii Fit to set up my weight loss goal…


Two months – 10lb to lose. This is definitely the most realistic goal I have ever set myself, and I fully intend to follow it through. Me being me, and being extremely organised, I have everything in place. I have re-joined my local gym, written down the classes that I want to attend, told absolutely everyone that under no circumstances am I to be offered cake of any kind and got my mind in the right place. I’m feeling good about this! I’m also the kind of person that has to document absolutely everything – and there is only one website/app that I trust to help me with that…

My Fitness Pal was the biggest contributor to my fitness journey and two stone loss 3 years ago. I used it religiously, spent hours on the forums and relied on the encouragement and knowledge of other MFP users. I learned a lot through that website, but I also learned that there were a LOT of users on there giving ‘advice’ when they didn’t have a clue themselves.

IMPORTANT: The same exercises, work outs and nutritional changes will NOT work for everyone.

Trial and error seemed to work for me back then, but I think I have a lot more background knowledge of fitness and nutrition to make the relevant changes straight away and *fingers crossed* kick-start this fitness journey.

If you haven’t used My Fitness Pal before, and you need that helping hand tracking your work outs and nutritional info, then I urge you to give it a download. It’s so user friendly, and there is plenty of help on Twitter and Facebook if you have any problems. It’s simple – search the name of whatever you are eating (or scan the barcode of a packaged product) and make sure you enter everything every day. It will give you a simple macro-nutrient breakdown (carbs, sugar, fat, protein) and even warn you if a product is high in cholesterol.

MFP newbies, you’ll be pleased to know that you can set your goals auto-magically! The site will do it for you based on your stats and how much weight you want to lose along with how much exercise you do per week. But, because I’ve used the site for a while – I like to set my own.


I’ve set my macros up 40/40/20, and my exercise goal is to work out a minimum of 3 times per week, adding up to 1500 calories burned. I love Les Mills Body Combat, and so you’ll see a lot of those sessions showing up on my My Fitness Pal profile.

“But Tiffani, you’re only going to eat 1200 calories…surely this can’t be healthy?”

1200 calories is my basic nutritional intake, tried and tested and perfect for me for weight loss. When I exercise, I half of the amount of calories burned and add them on to my calorie goal. Even more perfect for me – exercising means I can eat more!! For example: 1200 kcal basic + 500 kcal workout = 1450 kcal to eat. As I mentioned before, different things work for different people, so work out what works for you.

So that’s it! Goals have been set!

Things to remember:

  • Set realistic weight loss goals in a realistic time frame
  • Set exercise goals (e.g. 3 workouts per week/60 min per workout)
  • Read up on everything as much as you can!!!