That First Gym Class…

Yep! I did it! Stepped up and went to my first Les Mills Body Combat class. All of the support of old friends and new followers on my Twitter page had me all psyched and raring to go. Of course, being a small gym in a small town, classes are few and far between – this particular one at 7:15pm.

I expected the class to be super full, like it used to be. But then I remembered that one of the last times I went to a Body Combat class, it was in that delightful one or two months after the New Year, where everyone is fully committed to their New Years resolutions, hitting the gym hard (aka filling up the car parks and getting in my way)…..I’m not an angry gym goer – I swear!!

Anyway, same instructor that I’ve always had, so I started the class feeling confident. “Body Combat 61″ he told us, following it with “It’s easy… I promise”. He also explained that tracks 2 and 6 were the leg tracks – my absolute worst nightmare. Queue nervous glance from me.

What is Body Combat? A high intensity workout lasting one hour. 10 songs, each with their own choreography. It links different martial arts, so is filled up with a whole load of roundhouse kicks, jabs, hooks, uppercuts and body shots.

I particularly like Body Combat simply because of the music. The instructor whacks it on loud, and there’s always a mix of dance and rock tracks. Think ACDC, Fall Out Boy & almost anything you’d hear at Cream Ibiza. Working out to bass-filled music works for me. I count down the tracks one by one, I work to the beat of the music…it’s motivational.

Note: If you don’t have any rhythm…then I would say that this class isn’t for you. Believe me – I took a good friend with two left feet to a session – biggggg mistake.

Oh. My. God.

Let me tell you now – the instructor lied. This was FAR from easy. Nearer impossible!!

Now I see why people give up before they start. This class felt like the hardest thing I have ever ever EVER done. 20 minutes in, I felt a blurry eyed and dizzy. I almost stopped. Half an hour in, I seriously thought about leaving the class. But that’s the beauty about it…who wants to be ‘that guy’ that leaves a class half way through? No one – that’s who! So I soldiered on.

Track 2 – leg track – was a killer. Lunges, squats, eskiva’s, front kicks, back kicks and all the rest. Right now, my legs are categorically the weakest part of my body, which annoys me, because they used to be the strongest. Doing these tracks as well as you possibly can makes a big difference, and quickly as well.

The upper body tracks – full of jabs, hooks and uppercuts – have absolutely killed my shoulders! I honestly struggled to change gear on the drive home. But you know what…? I remember that it was these exact classes that sculpted my shoulders (which I loved) three years ago. It’s good pain.

The all over cardio tracks – full of high knees, non-stop kicks and severe loss of breath left me beetroot red and wanting to kill the instructor. I’ve never been so excited to get to the floor work track – push ups, crunches etc – because I knew it was the last track before stretches.

It was hard. Very hard. But right now, after getting home and eating some dinner, I feel pretty good.

Next session (Legs, Bums and Tums) is booked in for Wednesday evening. I plan to go for a run on the treadmill tomorrow if I can move my legs!!

The next Body Combat class at my gym is on Thursday evening, but me and Matt are going to the Twin Atlantic gig at The Junction, Cambridge. So Combat will have to wait until next week. Phew! That’ll give me time to recover..!