That First Post…

Well, That First Post has to be me explaining what this is all about really, doesn’t it?
So, first things first – Hiya!
I’m Tiffani, I’m 24 and I’m from an insignificant little town in Suffolk called Brandon.

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Background Story:

I’ve spent the last two years working abroad in France, Magaluf, Switzerland and Ibiza. Yessss, I have seen Sun/Snow, Sex & Suspicious Parents too, and let me tell you, it’s not at all like any of that.

(OK, I lied…it is)

So, before I left the UK to throw myself down mountains and hit the biggest and best super-clubs in the world (I know, hard life)…I was the most physically fit I had ever been. Now, like any other person, I’d tried and failed plenty of times before, fallen into horrendous eating habits, less than zero exercise – pretty much doing/eating what I wanted and then crying about the consequences. Then, my big sister started planning her wedding in 2011, and asked me to be a bridesmaid.
Around October/November, I realised that I wanted to look the best I possibly could for the wedding, and so I started my first proper real life fitness journey.

Side Note: I honestly wish I had documented everything properly back then, because I would know exactly what to do to get started now, rather than having to (kind of) start all over again.

I did pretty good! I trained hard, I mostly ate perfectly and I learnt to say no to temptation. I even had a reasonably healthy Christmas! In January 2012, I wore what I referred to as my first ‘skinny’ dress on a night out with the girls to Sugarhut – yep, I went there – and I felt awesome. Maybe partly because I had given up alcohol since November 2011 and so those were my first drinks in 3 months… but mainly because during those months, I’d lost over a stone in weight (Yay me!).

So, fast forward to the wedding in May 2012. We had bought my bridesmaids dress in my original size as it was thought by all, which sometimes included myself, that this was just another one of my fad diets. To everyone’s amazement, we had my dress altered not one, but TWO sizes smaller! Yay me – again!

I spent the entire Summer after the wedding improving my fitness levels further, hitting the free weights harder than ever and withdrawing myself from the Les Mills Body Combat classes that I was slightly addicted to. I remember seeing significant physical changes at this point… which encouraged me to stop watching the scales and start looking in the mirror to see progress. Perfect. All in all, I’d lost 2 stone and had some serious muscle tone going on.
At this point, I decided to take a break and go away for one season in the snow (knowing NOTHING about skiing at the time).

Long story short.. Ive now completed two winters & two summers. Through copious amounts of alcohol, continental breakfasts, bread & alioli, and total lack of exercise… you can see how I have returned back to That Square One that we are all so familiar with.

So, now I am staying at home and working on me!
I’m just an ordinary girl, and this will be my fitness journey. Everything documented – no lies, no excuses. Expect mood swings and avoidance of social gatherings. Expect tears and saying no to temptation. And expect extreme happiness when it all goes right! (Fingers crossed)

Guess what…? It doesn’t have to be a New Year to have a resolution. (Though in my opinion, it does have to be a Monday).

My next post will be That Square One, focusing on my fitness goals, time frames, and my starting stats (arrrgggghhh!). After all, it is Monday tomorrow.

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